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My name is Lesley Heaney

I have been working in massage and reflexology since 2015. ​I have always loved nature and wildlife and wanted to combine these with my work and set up my own business from home.

I live in a beautiful part of the island, Fliquet and would like to share my little slice of heaven with others. Come and see me in my tranquil setting, where you can relax, unwind and enjoy some pampering and time out from your hectic lifestyles.

I have developed a great love of reflexology and have expanded my practise to include: facial reflexology, reflexology lymphatic drainage, maternity reflexology and fertility reflexology.

I have always loved giving massage and now offer a range of treatments including: Swedish massage, Indian Head massage, Pregnancy massage and Hot Stone massage.

I trained with the Association of Reproductive Reflexologists to enable me to work with couples trying to conceive. I help support couples trying to regulate cycles and those going through IUI/IVF/ICSI.

Maternity reflexology / Pregnancy massage - I have a particular interest in helping women on their journey to start a family. These treatments can offer relief from conditions such as morning sickness, heartburn, anxiety and preparation for labour.

Massage Treatments

  • Back neck & shoulders (45 mins) £45
  • Full body/back, neck & shoulders (60 mins) £60
  • Hot stone full body massage (75mins/90 mins) £80/£95
  • Full body and scalp (90 mins) £90
  • Pregnancy full body massage (60 mins) £60
  • Hot stone back, neck & shoulders (60 mins) £65
  • Full body and scalp (75 mins/90 mins) £75/ £90
  • Indian head (45 mins) £45
  • Pregnancy full body massage (60 mins) £60

Reflexology Treatments

  • Reflexology (60 mins) £60
  • Fertility Reflexology (60 mins) £60
  • Fertility Consultation (90 mins) £80
  • Maternity Reflexology (60 mins) £60
  • Reflexology Lymph Drainage RLD (60 mins) £60
  • Facial Reflexology (60 mins) £65
  • Facial and Foot Reflexology (1hr 15 mins /1 hr 45mins) £75 / £95

My location

I live in Jersey, in a beautiful part of the island called Fliquet. Fliquet is situated southeast of Rozel, and northeast of St Martin.

For directions, please click on the map.

Opening hours:

Thursday 10am - 7pm

Friday 10am - 7pm

Saturday 10am - 4pm


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